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Will you be our voter?

With most of the elections in various states starting from February 14, one can expect a different valentine's day for all political parties. All are busy proposing people to be a voter for their respective political parties. With elections starting from February 14 in Goa, Uttrakhand, Punjab, U.P and Manipur all political parties have jumped into the campaign mode and are leaving no stone unturned to get a yes from the voters on the D-Day (February 14). In Punjab as per the latest surveys and predictions, Aap remains the first choice political party of people. After having a bad relationship issue with Development last time Akali Dal had to slip from government to third-largest party. Congress seems to be following the same track as it continues to have relationship issues along with trust issues within itself. Goa and Uttrakhand continue to be a neck to neck fight among political parties but UP continues to have a good relationship with BJP and results are also expected to follow the same. What will be interesting is to observe on what basis voters choose their valentine. If a beautiful/handsome vision gets priority over a handsome/pretty face then it's going to be an advantage for AAP in both Goa and Uttrakhand. In Odisha also the panchayat elections are going to start on February 14. With Odisha voters being the most loyal with relationship to Biju Janata Dal it is expected they are going to win a good number of seats. With a new kind of valentine's day expected this year, it will be very interesting to observe whom people choose as their valentine.

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