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The missing Padmashri from Mihir's glorinet

As an actor, there might not have been a single award at both state and national level related to films that might not have found themselves available in the glorinet of the legendary Mihir Das . Of course, after a long cinema career from Mihir to Kaka to Asha Ra Aloka one will be surprised how Padma Award has managed to evade him. After making a deview in Ollywood through the film Ramayan, he went on to take part in more than 150 films.

Just within seven years of deview, Mihir Das's film"Majhi Pahacha" got the award for the best regional film in India. In his acting journey, Mihir was known for equally playing roles of villain and hero very beautifully. Very few people knew before entering into the film industry, Mihir was into Film Journalism, he used to run a magazine named "Chitra Lahiri" and he used to write his name as " Mihir Das Kintu " and he used to write editorials under the heading "It would have been if I would have not written". Mihir was known for his good sense of humour and the magazine successfully operated for 8 years. A Twitter user following his demise went on to write Mihir Das was the bridge between the Bijay Mohanty-Uttam Mohanty era and Siddhant Mohapatra-Anubhav Mohanty era in Odia Cinema. The role of Mihir das in Ollywood was also very significant he was a guide, mentor and nurtured many new talents under him. For one of his last films, Bhija Matira Swarga Mihir had bagged the award for best actor organised by Odisha State Film Awards. When he stopped doing films over his health issues, he returned to Tv screen through a fatherly figure role in the Ashara Aloka serial, the show revived his fans who were waiting to see their favourite star back on the Tv screen. The show was an instant hit and was top in the TRP chart, people were back in love with their favourite hero's new avatar of a mediator.

But unfortunately, even after so many years of endless contribution to society through his films and social activities, the People's Padma award continues to stay evasive of him. Even BJP leader and Cine Star Sritam Das said Mihir Das deserved Padma Shri for the kind of contributions he has made. Many of his fans across social media platforms were seen demanding tribute for Mihir Das by rewarding him with Padma Shri posthumously. Many other Ollywood stars had also echoed the same. There can be many other actors but no one can be another Kaka.

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