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The Flirty Political Parties in Odisha

During our college time, we all must have come across terms like a committed lover, flirty friend, non-committed lover. Similar acronyms very well apply to Odisha politics. Where local issues can be referred to as a girl and other political parties as a flirty lover. Every time a new issue comes us all political parties in Odisha pretend to be in love with it but as soon as they find another better option than this issue they break up with the old and move on to the new relationship. The person who bores the maximum brunt in such issues is the father of Issues - the common public who expects politicians to help them get justice or help resolve the issue. For example, during the Pari case, BJP was trying to show that it was in great love with the issue as they organised many programs but when it came to taking it to a legal end they broke up and move past to another issue. It can be said the field is very vast and changing that's why political parties are non-committed but dnt they have the sufficient resources to tactically manage the relationship. Why the path of the court has been not used by Political parties, it's because for them relationship only means getting into the headline of a leading newspaper to get publicity. Have you ever heard the BJD party protesting against no railway line to all places in Odisha or about the pathetic condition of Central University in Odisha, no they always have been in a temporary relationship with issues like price hikes and others. Congress in Odisha is frustrated for being remaining single over a large time due to which they try to catch public attention through any circus possible. Because of this non-serious attitude, the issue doesn't even get into a relationship with them. There is another party ruling in Delhi which is in a long-distance relationship with issues Odisha but they are unable to take the relationship to next level as they lack a big family in Odisha to manage the relationship.

It's up to the people now to judge parties and their relationship with issues. The biggest challenge of Odisha today is that political parties themselves spoon pick relationships instead of consulting directly with the people or trying to connect with people to understand the issues on the ground. It's a very good opportunity for the people of Odisha to give hands of their vote to political parties only when they dictate on issues that are relevant to them like school, hospital, farmers, law and order, electricity, etc.

(The article is based on sarcasm it doesn't intend to hurt anyone)

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