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Opposition in Odisha stumped by voters

The recently concluded zilla parishad elections in Odisha is a great example for all batters, how laziness in a match being played in the best batting pitch can also turn difficult for them. After the 2020 general elections when all parties were in a relaxing mood and more interested in press conferences. Bjd managed to train its team in the terrains that had challenged them the most in elections. One can complain that they have money but was that possible without the killer instinct of its coach Naveen Patnaik. When other parties were happy with the media coverage of their programs and good social media engagement BJD stepped way ahead of them in the competition without making any noise. Adding more problems for the opposition was the Covid period in which they were trying to practice but due to restrictions, their efforts turned out to be futile. A party claiming to be the alternate tried with a hunger strike on the issue of electricity but the momentum it was trying to create got completely crushed under the wave of Covid. As the ruling BJD had practised in various pitches it had a type of connection with people.

These elections were very difficult for BJD as people were vocal about various local issues like school and electricity but when people searched for an alternative near them there were none for them. Bjd has a good chain of shg voters as claimed by the opposition but that can be changed also with a visible, credible alternate that has a model and vision. But the results were so surprising that for the first time people completely rejected opposition parties like BJP and Congress in Odisha. The message was clear from the people also that they are not looking election time alternative party but for a long term alternate party that has a vision, model, credibility and is visible among the people not only during the elections


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