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Meet the Gacha Sir of Odisha who is on Mission Environment

Gacha Sir or our Antaryami Sahu was born on 1946 and at the age of 15 he made a deview by planting a Banyan tree which is still alive today . He didn't just stop there,from that time to till now he has planted nearly 30,000 trees and created 3 Udyans also. Among the 3 Udyans the one at Boudh has gained a lot of prominence as it was build at the memory of Lord Gautam Buddha .

Along with motivating people by his actions , he also created awareness of forest fires , he has 8 village Community, 10 schools and 8 individuals for remarkable works whom he saw .

He has also created regular awareness on honey Bee ,Indian Bat and Pangolin Conservation and also on Mitigating traditional poaching on local wild animals.

Taking it to the next generation

To assist the future generation he has collected lakhs of seed and also during his tenure as a teacher he had prepared 20,000 saplings which he distributed among students and there Guardians

He has become old but his ideas , passion , vision for environment today also remains the same as the 15 year old Boy who had planted the first tree of his life and then decided to make it a big movement .

Doesn't he deserve a Padma award atleast?

P.C: Soumya Ranjana Biswal

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