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Lata Mangeshkar- The National voice of India

In a small city called dreamtown, there was a small boy named Rajbir, it was his favourite day of the week as it was a Sunday and his all favourite cartoon shows were on the queue on Tv. In the meanwhile, he was having his Sunday special breakfast while enjoying Tom and Jerry on Tv. His father Bajbir was busy enjoying jokes being shared in his WhatsApp groups, until when suddenly he received a link in the group that said Lata Mangeshkar passed away. Stunned by the update, hoping it to be fake Bajbir rushed to Tv to cross check news channel. When Rajbir was asked to switch he refused and started arguing with his father. Rajbir mother armed with a spoon came out from the kitchen, anticipating a bad Sunday, Rajbir immediately surrendered the remote and took a seat back. When they switched the channel, they were shocked with the demise of the Indian Nightingale and tears started rolling from their cheeks. Young Rajbir was not able to understand why his parents were crying over the news. Intriguingly he questioned his parents the reasons. Bajbir in a sober voice replied do you know when the Indian cricket team returned victorious after the 1983 world Cup win, Indian cricket board had no funds to reward the cricketers.

That time Lata Mangeshkar took the lead and she organised a concert in which 21 lakhs was raised from which ₹1 lakh each was distributed to each cricketer and the remaining amount was used for the Devlopment of Nehru Stadium.

Have you ever listened to the song Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon, Rajbir slowly moved his head saying no? Following which Bajbir said " Do you know this song not only made the then Pm Jawaharlal Nehru Ji cry but all the people who were in the live concert were emotional when Lata Mangeshkar was singing it"

Intrigued Rajbir was in full praise of her and started asking more questions to know more about Lata Mangeshkar, Bajbir not only explained them but also played a few songs. Bajbir after concluding his interaction was busy with the constant news update but Rajbir was still lost somewhere. The song "Tere Bina Zindagi she" was being played in a special video on Lata Mangeshkar, that was when Rajbir broke the deadlock and innocently replied nothing has happened to Lata Aji she is fine, she has gone to Abode as God wanted live concerts of her in heaven.

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