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Is Odisha government really planning to open wine counter in Puri beach ?

A poster claiming Odisha government is planning to open wine counters in sea beach is getting viral in social media .

What is the truth ?

"The beach shacks will have a refreshing ambience along with delectable food, chilled alcohol, and most importantly, the backdrop of white sands and gushing waves,” state tourism secretary Vishal Dev told IANS". The beach shack planned in Puri district is at Puri - Konark Marine drive.

What do you mean by beach shack ?

Beach shacks are also temporary structures but are restaurant/bars with sunbeds on the sand and staff to serve you on the sunbeds.

If we go by this article of Indian express beach shacks are on of the major attractions of Goa beach . The best thing is that everything is fairly priced , they are well regulated by local authorities .

So it is completely fake that Odisha government is going to open beach slacks . As beach slacks also contain restaurants and they are going to help a lot increase the economy of government and turn as major attraction. If you google search you will find slacks in Puri where they only sell food in the beach and the lap of sea. They were also earlier setup by Odisha tourism during Eco Retreat.


Our view

If government is able to manage all services and control crowd , the sea shacks are surely going to boom the economy through tourism.

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