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A super human was ahead of his time

On 12th October 1936 a super human was born in Odisha . By the blessings of Maa Saraswati and his own hardwork he managed to make his voice , the ringtone of heart every music love in Odisha. Even he had tried rap music in Odisha before it was started as a mass culture in India . There might not be any genre or type of song left that he has not made in his career . Be it on the Khatti culture or love songs or funny odia songs you will find a plethora of beautiful songs made by our Music Superman. Like his name Akshaya his songs were complete package of happiness .

He was such a passionate musician that you can give him a name and he can make a music on it . For example Mitali Das song . You will be suprised that he had also written a song on 9-5 job life . His songs were so touching that till today his songs are on the top . Facebook and Twitter are lucky that during his time there was no social media otherwise because of his support they might have crashed.

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